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GE Vivid S6 Package Deal

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Take workflow and productivity to the next level. The ergonomic design and easy-to-use features of GE’s Vivid* S6 allow you to take workflow and productivity to the next level. Excellent performance through a wide range of applications, consistent image quality, innovative miniaturization, comprehensive connectivity options, and a range of advanced, automated tools make this an exceptional cardiovascular and shared-service solution to meet the daily demands of your practice. Yielding: Better productivity. Better patient care.

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GE Vivid S6 Used Ultrasound Machine

Condition: Refurbished,Used

  • GE Vivid S6 Ultrasound System
  • GE Vivid S6 Used Ultrasound Machine
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Included in this package: 

Vivid S6 With BT10 Software Level gives you:

Productivity. Automated options allow for easy acquisition and enhance image quality through a wide range of applications.
Reach. Quantitative tools help you achieve excellent image quality and optimized exam times—for improved productivity and confident diagnoses.
Mobility. An ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue and discomfort.
Enhanced Connectivity and Media Support
Your image quality remains protected with our raw-data storage. EchoPAC™ allows instant access to ultrasound raw data provided by the Vivid S6 for comprehensive review, analysis and post-processing capabilities. Streamline workflow. Increase diagnostic confidence.
The Vivid S6 features SmartStress, which offers:
Automatic setting adjustments to help improve workflow, shorten optimization time, and increase reproducibility.
Advanced and flexible stress echo exam protocols.
Two-minute continuous capture buffer.
A wide range of connectivity options.
Acquisition of raw ultrasound data and easy storage.
Wall segment scoring and reporting with bull’s-eye and segmental views.
Shared service productivity with fast acquisitions and streamlined procedures.
Vivid S6 features fully integrated cardiac, vascular, and OB/GYN measurement and report packages to help:
Improve productivity and reduce documentation time after your patient has left. Enhance the efficiency of all types of vascular exams with automated calculations. Facilitate fast acquisitions, streamline procedures, and provide new productivity standards for your lab through automated image quality features and a wide range of connectivity options.
Mobility in an innovative, ergonomic design.
Vivid S-6 for General Electric helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, and promotes efficiency and well-being.
The “Flex-Fit” mechanism (up and in, down and out) allows continuous pivoting height adjustment of the control panel, at an optimal distance, and leaving legroom for standing or sitting.
The horizontally swiveling keyboard is always within easy reach for quick operation.
The low weight and size, and fold-down mechanism of the display, allow easy movement.

This package includes:


  • 4C-RS (H4000SR): 1.8 – 6.0 MHz Convex Array
  • 8L-RS (H40402LT): 4.0 –13.0 MHz Linear Array


  • Vascular
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal Cephalic
  • Transcranial (Adult Cephalic)
  • Abdominal
  • Cardiac
  • Gynecological
  • Obstetrical
  • Musculoskeletal 
  • Small Parts
  • Breast
 Optional transducers (not included in this package):
  • 8C-RS (H40402LS): 4.7 –11.0 MHz Convex Array
  • e8C-RS (H40402LN): 4.0 –11.0 MHz Convex Array
  • 8L-RS (H40402LT): 4.0 –13.0 MHz Linear Array
  • 9L-RS (H40442LL): 3.5 –10.0 MHz Linear Array
  • 12L-RS (H40402LY): 6.0 –13.0 MHz Linear Array
  • i12L-RS (H40402LW): 5.0 – 13.0 MHz Linear Array
  • 3S-RS (H4000PD): 1.5 – 3.6 MHz Sector Array
  • 5S-RS (H4000PC): 2.0 – 5.0 MHz Sector Array
  • 6S-RS (H45021RP): 2.7 – 8.0 MHz Sector Array
  • 7S-RS (H4000PE): 3.5 – 8.0 MHz Sector Array
  • 10S-RS (H4000PF): 4.5–11.5 MHz Sector Array
  • 6Tc-RS (H45551ZE): 2.9 – 8.0 MHz Sector Array
  • 9T-RS (H45531YM): 4.0 – 10.0 MHz Sector Array
  • 6Tc (H4551ZD): 2.9 – 8.0 MHz Sector Array
  • 9T (H45521DY): 4.0 –10.0 MHz Sector Array
  • 2D(P2D) (H45021C): 2.0 MHz Pedoff
  • 6D(P6D) (H45021CA): 6.0 MHz Pedoff

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