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Who Needs Cardiology Genetic Testing?

The New Standard of Care

Personalized Medicine


Everyone’s talking about it.  But the leading physicians are already embracing it by distinguishing their practices with this new Standard of Care.  


What is it? 

Basically, medicine has traditionally taken a “One size fits All” approach to patient care.  When diagnosed with a disease, nearly every patient got the same treatment and/or drug.


Personalized Medicine

takes advantage of predictive genetic information to determine the most effective therapy, the best drugs and the appropriate dose for the individual patient


– because every patient is different.


We are the quality leaders for in-office genetic testing.

We are experts at bringing advanced molecular diagnostic testing technologies to physiciansCardiology Genetic Testing in Florida and their practices.  Our focus is on providing state-of-the-art diagnostic services with unequaled physician, staff and patient education; industry-leading pharmacogenomic interpretation, coding and billing support; and high quality referral marketing materials.


We make it easy to get started!


What types of genetic testing are performed?

Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) MDx is the examination of genes (DNA, RNA) and proteins in an individual’s cells to  identify unique expression patterns or “molecular signatures” that reflect specific diseases, determine a patients susceptibility to disease, evaluate response to therapy or establish the condition’s prognosis.

1.) screening and detection

2.) prognosis

3.) theranostics (response to treatment)

4.) monitoring and management

5.) future likelihood of disease


What types of genetic testing are performed?

Cardiology Genetic Testing

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Is the study of how an  individuals genetic inheritance affects the body’s response to drugs. Eliminates trial and error method of matching patients to drugs.  Analyzes a patient’s genetic profile to enable clinicians to prescribe the best available drug therapy from the beginning.

1.) the right drug therapy (the 1st time)

2.) for the right patient

3.) at the right time

4.) with the right dose

Over 120 drugs have an FDA black box warning on the package insert that indicates CYP450 variants may affect proper metabolism of the drug and indicates that genetic testing may be helpful in determining most effective  therapy.


Your First Choice for In-Office Genetic Testing

 Why CardiologyGEnetic Testing?

Why Genetic Testing?


Genetic testing makes it possible to know a priori how your cardiac patients will metabolize a specific drug. Recent clinical studies reveal that approximately 30% of all patients treated with clopidogrel (Plavix), using standard doses do not respond well to drug therapy due to predetermined genetic factors, thus increasing a patient’s risk to possible adverse cardiovascular events. Other drugs, such as warfarin (Coumadin) with narrow therapeutic response ranges and beta blockers (Propranolol-Inderal) have similar metabolizing issues—and proper dosing is critical.


Personalized Medicine—The Time is Now

The use of modern pharmacogenomics enables clinicians to identify key genetic metabolic markers that determine their patient's metabolism and therapeutic response to a particular drug before prescribing a therapy. Molecular diagnostics enable clinical to prescribe the right drug for the right patient with the right dose—the first time.


Genetic Testing Reimbursement


In Office Genetic Testing in FLGenetic (molecular diagnostic and pharmacogenomic) tests are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurance carriers to evaluate a patient’s ability to metabolize commonly used cardiovascular drugs. The FDA has issued a Black Box Warning on the Plavix label alerting patients that poor metabolizers are at greater risk for adverse cardiovascular events and informs them genetic testing can identify patients’ CYP2C19 metabolic function.

In-Office Cardiovascular Testing:

Simple, Fast and Accurate


Providing cardiology molecular diagnostic (MDx) test services in your office are—simple to perform and easy to get started. All that is required is; 1) the physician orders the one-time study for the patient; 2) a nurse or PA obtains a patient specimen by taking a buccal swab from the inside of the patients cheek; and 3) the patient test sample is sent via prepaid FEDX envelope to Genetisys’ authorized CLIA-accredited Molecular diagnostic laboratory. The patient’s lab results are provided via fax or electronically to the ordering physician in about 1 week.  genetics4you™


Molecular Diagnostic (MDx) Cardiac Assays

In Office Genetic TestingThis comprehensive cardiac genotyping panel consists of a total of eight genetics4you™ molecular diagnostic assays that help identify the primary inherited genetic and pharmacogenomics biomarkers that determine individual metabolic compatibility with clopidogrel (Plavix), warfarin (Coumadin), ticragrelor (Brilinta) and beta blockers (propranolol i.e. Inderal) and the level of risk associated with Type III venous thrombosis, hyper lipoproteinemia, and inherited thrombophilia.


Cardiology Center of Excellence

Molecular Diagnostics Genetic Test Center

You have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting medical revolution—and distinguish your cardiology practice from your competitors



Genetisys—The Quality Leader for In-Office Genetic Testing

We are experts at bringing advanced molecular diagnostic testing services to physicians and their practices. Our focus is on delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic services with unequaled physician, staff and patient education; industry-leading genotype/phenotype pharmacogenomic reports; and secure online test requisitioning and patient laboratory test results.


We Make it—Easy to Get Started


We provides the physician and their personnel all that is required to get started—including comprehensive educational materials, test requisition forms; patient informational materials, physician informational materials, patient specimen kits, and test shipment kits. Genetisys oversee all start-up activities to ensure quality services are obtained—consistently, right from the start.


• MDx Educational Materials

• In-Office Test Procedures

• Patient DNA Specimen Collection & Shipment Kits

• Informational Patient and Physician Materials

• Online Patient Lab Requisitioning & Test Results

• Online Pharmacogenomic Interpretation Support

• Responsive Local Support & Account Management