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Philips EnVisor HD

This is an exceptional ultrasound system at a very affordable price. The EnVisor, EnVisor C and EnVisor HD are all part of the same family of units available from Phillips. The EnVisor was the beginning of a new generation of digital ultrasound systems available at a very affordable price. With state-of-the-art ergonomics, excellent patient data management including DICOM networking and reporting capabilities. The EnVisor will meet all of the demands of the busiest labs. Superb imaging throughout the body makes this an excellent shared service system and a lightweight compact design makes this ultrasound unit one that should be considered. 

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SKU: 51014

Typically sold for: $14,000.00 to $23,000.00

Philips EnVisor HD

Condition: Refurbished

Great imaging at a very affordable price:

The EnVisor Ultrasound System is one of our favorites for an inexpensive extremely versatile ultrasound choice. The EnVisor HD and EnVisor C offer many features that will save time improve workflow to ensure consistency across all types of body habitus, and user preferences.

The EnVisor HD has remarkable ergonomics in a easy use relatively mobile ultrasound system. The lightweight of the overall system along with the ability to raise and lower the user interface and swivel the monitor makes this a great system which will help protect the user from unwanted stress do to unatural scanning possisitions and excessive button pushing.  The ease of moving this unit, Work-Flow and supurb image quality and low cost as a premier refurbished Ultrasound system makes this a great choice especially when you're dealing with a tight space. The EnVisor is an ideal solution for portable exams.

Envisor HD product Features:

Designed for maximum user comfort for the sonographer, the EnVisor is currently used and has been used in some of the busiest labs and practices around the world. This little powerhouse was one of the world's most successful product introductions when it was introduced to the market..

Customize your equipment to fit your practice:

The EnVisor is a PC-based system fully scalable, allowing you to configure it in almost any way that meets your needs. Echo, vascular, small parts, OB/GYN are done every day on EnVisors the system supports curved, linear, and sector array transducers as well as Endocavity and TEE.  The very reliable, relatively inexpensive cartridge connector transducers will surprise you with their image quality.  Perform measurements with the extensive clinical analysis packages.

Data management and connectivity:

Image and data management capabilities allow flexible recording, archiving, editing and even exam reports with embedded images.

On-screen image thumbnails let you build your study and check exam status, at a glance.  Multi-session CD and optional peripheral devices allow you to meet your documentation and archiving needs.  Prepare professional patient reports with embedded images.

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