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Philips HD11 Ultrasound Machine

The HD11 has the versatility to expand into a complete, digital cardiovascular imaging system for further clinical utility and value. You can also add powerful options like QLAB advanced quantification, stress echo, contrast imaging and transesophageal echo to further enhance your cardiovascular imaging capabilities. The stress echo option is fully integrated into the user interface for the rapid acquisition and display of high-resolution images, with plenty of flexibility. Anatomical M-mode, for more accurate measurements of chambers, walls and ejection fraction; makes it easier to keep the M-mode line perpendicular to the anatomy, even in abnormally shaped or positioned hearts. Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), including Color TDI to assess direction and timing of myocardial function, and pulsed wave TDI for velocity mapping of vessel wall motion and cardiac tissue.

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Typically sold for: $15,500.00 to $25,000.00

Philips HD11 Shared Service Ultrasound Machine

Condition: Refurbished

  • Philips HD11 Shared Service Ultrasound Machine

The HD11 leads the way as an excellent midrange ultrasound system.  Price meets value with this great system able to expand from cardiovascular and stress echo, to 3-D OB/GYN. With tissue harmonic imaging excellent workflow and features like anatomical M-mode and a crisp clear-cut, tailor-made reporting package, allow the HD 11 to be a leader in its class. When looking for a preowned versatile imaging system for your ultrasound lab you can't go wrong with the HD 11.

Flexible Architecture –

utilizing the ATL and Philips broadband digital imaging being former, you will capture images from the entire bandwidth of ultrasound signals. This will allow you to retain the quality of the tissue signatures giving you the entire diagnostic information for evaluation without sacrificing temporal resolution. SonoCT is a compound imaging feature invented at the ATL/Philips labs. Combined with XRes adaptive technology, your ultrasound system will actually perform up to 350 million calculations per frame providing unbelievable resolution.

Easy to move –the Philips HD 11 is very portable, easy to move and ergonomically ahead of its time. The system keyboard adjusts for height, rotates and combined with a rotating monitor the system is easy on the sonographer and convenient for the patient to view images when applicable.

Easy to use -

A minimal amount of keystrokes are needed as many tools in the HD 11 are automated one-button 2-D, Doppler and 4D imaging can be obtained with one button touch.

Imaging and data management –for such a reasonably priced system the high-end imaging, exam protocols and overall ease-of-use of the system make it one to consider. DICOM networking and data management allows for flexible recording, exam archiving and even editing exam reports with embedded images are excellent examples of the type of features you'll find in this credible box.



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