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Philips HD11 XE

High-definition imaging in a complete package Ready to expand with your clinical needs, the HD11 XE is a complete, digital imaging system that delivers high-definition imaging and ease-of-use in a compact, ergonomic and reliable package. In this full-featured performer, Philips has combined broadband beamforming, automated image optimization tools, and clinically proven technologies. The HD11 XE is ideal for public and private hospitals, satellite clinics or specialized practices. And it’s built on an upgradeable platform to protect your investment, backed by Philip’s award-winning* customer support program.

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Philips HD11 XE

Condition: Refurbished

High-definition imaging in a complete package

When you're ready to move up into an awesome midrange imaging system, the HD11 XE is is a clear choice. A full-featured imaging system based on the original HD 11, the HD 11 XE add some very nice features. A flatscreen monitor on an articulating arm, enhanced image quality and visible thumbnail images on screen while performing your exam. All this makes the fantastic HD 11 that much more incredible.

The HD11 XE is iis perfect for hospitals clinics and private practices that are looking for excellent image quality, workflow at a reasonable price. The HD 11 XE from Phillips, a leader in the midrange ultrasound imaging category..

Full cardiac and stress echo capability

The HD 11 XE has the ability to do pretty much any ultrasound scanning that your lab will require. A complete digital cardiovascular imaging system with the ability to do stress echo, Q LAB advanced quantification, TEE and contrast imaging.

 Anatomical M-mode improves accuracy when measuring chambers walls and ejection fraction.

 Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) including color TDI aids in measuring and assessing the timing of myocardial function.

Regional anesthesia and emergency room applications make this a surprisingly affordable and very transportable ultrasound imaging system with outstanding image quality and excellent ease-of-use.

 Volumetric imaging on the HD 11 XE makes this ultrasound system one of the most versatile in its class. It's powerful architecture and precise acquisition display allows for easy measurement in three planes and exquisite visualization on the screen.

Standard advanced features:

 Sono CT is a compound imaging transmit and receive mode it allows for multiple lines of sight simultaneously transmitted and received by the ultrasound transducer. Basically this allows for the transducer to shoot soundwaves from multiple angles eliminating artifact and improving measurements and diagnostic confidence.


XRes eliminates speckle noise artifact, and allows for much cleaner borders and margins. Combined with SonoCT you will be extremely impressed with the overall image quality of the Philips HD 11 XE

2D with Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging, Philip’s patented method for producing pure, broadband harmonic signals for superb grayscale presentation.

3D imaging with multiplanar views, for qualitative freehand 3D images and interactive visualization through three planes.

Adaptive Color Doppler, which automatically selects the optimal Doppler or angio frequency for highly sensitive resolution, as well as Color Power Angio technology for assessing amplitude and direction of flow.

Pulsed wave and continuous wave Doppler with Adaptive Doppler technology to boost weak signals and reduce noise, and high PRF capability for measuring higher velocities than ordinary pulsed Doppler ultrasound.

Contrast Imaging
Panoramic Imaging

Data management and connectivity

Image and data management capabilities allow flexible recording, archiving, editing and even exam reports with embedded images.
On-screen image thumbnails let you build your study and check exam status, at a glance.
Multi-session CD and optional peripheral devices allow you to meet your documentation and archiving needs.
Prepare professional patient reports with embedded images.

DICOM Networking option
The HD11 XE system allows you to adapt to most DICOM management systems. Includes DICOM Print and Store, Modality Worklist, Performed Procedure Step and Structured Reporting.

DICOM Structured Reporting supports both conventional free-text reports and structured information, for improved precision, clarity, and value of clinical documentation

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