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Refurbishing Process


Ultrasound Refurbishing ProcessWhen examining the alternatives for purchasing new diagnostic imaging equipment, it is easy to see the cost benefits of "refurbished" equipment. Typically, a refurbished Ultrasound system will have all of the baseline functionality of a new system, but at a significantly reduced cost--usually 50% of the cost of a similarly configured new system. So for a facility operating within a moderate budget, buyers who requires the service, support and dependability of new equipment, the alternative of a "refurbished" system presents a very compelling argument.


Ultrasound Refurbshing from Ideal MedicalRefurbishment is a process meant to calibrate previously owned diagnostic imaging systems to OEM specifications. The used machines totally refurbished by our experienced service team to the OEM standards.  The process of refurbishment starts with the aquisition used machines. We acquire ultrasound and color Doppler scanners from doctors, clinics and multispecialty hospitals. We also acquire machines also from companies like GE, TOSHIBA, SIEMENS, PHILIPS etc. their buyback machines.


Used Ultrasound is brought to OEM SpecificationsPre-Owned ultrasound and color Doppler machines will be taken to our service center for refurbishment. The system will be disassembled and dust from all the components will be blown out. Our service team will check and clean all power supplies and PCBs. Our service engineers will replace weak or defective components if any. All the exterior surfaces, peripherals, monitors, foot switches and other accessories will be cleaned. Painting for exterior surface will also be done if required.


Used Ultrasound Comnplete InspectionThe refurbished imaging system will be tested for all available manufacturers' functionality. Our service engineers will rectify any warning message that may appear. The system will be put on burning for 24 hours for observation.  The system monitor will be calibrated for proper video output. Functionality of trackball will be tested during burning process period. Ensure all the modes of the system works perfect. Inspect and record all the available software and hardware configurations for proper functioning. Probe resolution and focusing are tested using highly sensitive ultrasound phantoms. The system is tested to ensure proper functioning of both lateral and axial resolution etc. Our sales team will record and ensure that the entire configuration is correct and and the customer needs are met.


Used Ultrasound is Packed aor crated to insure safe arrival to your LabThe refurbished imaging system is packed in a strong and safe wooden box and delivered to the customer with 100% care. Removed components like monitor, probes and other accessories are separately packed. A packing list will be  sent with the delivery.
The system is pre-staged for inspection prior to delivery. We assure the refurbished equipment represents the closest alternative to a new system